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From the beginning of Thailand’s first leading food court, opened in MBK CENTER on February 7, 1985 under the name “MBK FOOD CENTER”, which is the largest food court in Thailand at that time. The food court has a collection of famous restaurants, and service standards had been developed for all customers. In 2004, The food court changed into the name “MBK FOOD ISLAND” and gathered more variety of restaurants at friendly prices. Moreover, The food court got the award “Clean food Good taste” from the Department of Health that was given to the food court, which provides clean and safe continuously. To create confidence for all customers who use the service at “MBK FOOD ISLAND” to eat safe and clean food at affordable prices in the modern atmosphere and a happy, relax place for more than 2,000,000 people each year.

With experience and success in the food center business over 34 years that make business partners and customers believe in our excellent services. In 2019, we develop MBK FOOD ISLAND into the best capital street food of Thailand under the name “FOOD LEGENDS by MBK.” At Food Legends, we select the most famous restaurant of all time and award guaranteed such as Khao kha moo Troksoong, Somtum Krua Anong, Rabeang Boon, Pow Thiam Heng and Pheng Racha Kuaitiao Khua Kai Noodle. It is the best destination for food lovers. Create a story of tastiness in a contemporary atmosphere that brings joy to the customers. We are also developing into ECO-Friendly food court to reduce plastic usage for a better life at 6th-floor MBK CENTER.

The opening of the new food court, Samyan Food Legends by MBK, located on the 4th-floor at Samyan mitrtown. The legendary of delicious food and the origin of a famous restaurant from the past to the present. Create a food story that is reminiscent of yesterday within the samyan food legends. There is a legendary restaurant of three famous districts Samyan, Saphan lueang and Yaowarat. Ready to serve more than 17 restaurants such as Pheng Racha Kuaitiao Khua Kai Noodle, Today Steak, Hi Cheng Fish Ball Noodle, Nai Lao Noodle, Nai Ying Restaurant, Ran Nai Oo and Cheng Sim Ei. Area Over 1,275 square meters, able to accommodate more than 2,500 people per day through Modern Retro decoration and a lively ‘90s into the modern contemporary décor with panoramic views. We’re also integrated new technology Cashless Payment for convenience of all customers.

MBK Food Island Company Limited

Food Legends by MBK, 6th floor at MBK Center
Samyan Food Legends by MBK, 4th floor at Samyan Mitrtown

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