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Corporate Social Responsibility


MBK Public Company Limited is committed to operating the business with social responsibility by adhering to the principles of good corporate governance, in line with complying to business ethics law and the Company’s code of conduct towards the ultimate goal of organizational sustainability and shared values, covering economic, social, and environmental dimensions. The Company has continually carried on its activities for the community, society, and environment through the expertise in promoting economic value for both the organization and society. As a guideline for the organization, the Company also adheres to its goal of sustainable development to achieve maximum benefits of all stakeholders.


The Company focuses on peaceful coexistence with the community and the society through the sharing of generosity, help, and support to improve the well-being and environment of both the community and society. In the meantime, the sustainable society is created to support the community economy and promote vocational training as a distribution channel for nearby community products, government agency, community enterprises, and SMEs to help generate more income amidst the economic recovery. This can expand the market and circular income for entrepreneurs and communities. Besides, the Company adheres to the future of youth by providing scholarships for educational support, with a free space and platform for their creative expressions as well as learning to create additional careers and businesses, while promoting good health through sports for unity and sportsmanship, as well as staying away from drugs.


The Company commits to environmentally friendly business operations, importantly in promoting clean energy and sustainable energy management to maintain and utilize the existing resources with knowledge of value and maximum efficiency towards the reduction of both short-term and long-term environmental impacts. There are various projects, such as the Solar Rooftop Expansion Project to increase the electricity production from solar energy on the roofs of MBK related business buildings. In particular, the latest project is the installation of EV Charging Station in all MBK shopping centers to support renewable energy on the way towards a future with 100% electric vehicles. The Company also emphasizes reducing the amount of waste and waste emissions generated by business operations through various projects. Meanwhile, the Company encourages its personnel to become MBK Spirit Volunteers to transfer environmental knowledge to the community, including waste and power management, as well as the management of air and water pollutions. The community can be then involved in taking good care of the environment, contributing towards their good quality of life as a whole.


The Company realizes and gives priority to business operations and management according to good corporate governance principles, with effectiveness, transparency, and verifiability. There is a clear and strict anti-corruption policy along with certification from Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) to promote and create a good role model in the society at both organizational and individual levels against corruption of all forms. Moreover, the Company emphasizes the importance of intellectual property through campaign activities of anti-intellectual property infringement products, while providing knowledge to entrepreneurs on current product design and marketing of SMEs products, with risk management policies that cover all business activities as part of organizational culture at work.

You can have further information about the Sustainable Development Report on the Company’s website at www.mbkgroup.co.th