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The Company has established cultural organization development committee and Learning Organization Activities working group to help employees to become aware and be part of the activities. This is the techniques in moving and enhancing organization vision by setting Company’s core value and continuously set up activities so that each individual in the organization can together put into practice. This will impact on behavior, which is said to be the standard of reaching the organization goals or vision.

“Learning Organization”

The Company has established the Cultural Organization Development Committee and the Working Group of the Learning Organization in order to help employees to become aware and be part of the activities. This encourages and supports organizational vision by setting the Company’s core values and regularly organizing activities so that every individual in the organization can together put into practice. This will impact on behavior which is said to be the standard of reaching the organization’s goal or vision. The “Learning Organization” is established from all levels of personnel’s learning and knowledge is then shared with each other and within the personnel, together with gaining knowledge from outside. The main purpose is to give opportunities in seeking the best practices to use in developing and building a strong knowledge base of the organization in order to be ready in time to the change and sustainable growth in a fierce business competition, to achieve the vision of the organization and to be the Learning Organization. We should have belief and hold on to the values and ways in practicing together which we call SMOOTH©

Service Mind

Have the Service mind

Primarily focus on customers through providing good experiences for both internal and external customers.

Merit & Integrity

Perform duties in a transparent manner

Be honest with oneself, work, the organization, and stakeholders, cling to the integrity.


Love and be proud of the organization

Have the entrepreneurial consciousness of the organization, and take pride in being part of the organization.


Be ready to be open-minded

Be broad-mined, open to listening and communicating with other people forthrightly.


Establish the outstanding teamwork

Efficiently co-work as teamwork for the shared goals.

High Commitment

Be determined

Be determined and responsible for achieving assigned work efficiently.

Continuous Learning

Learn creatively

Continuously and systematically seek new knowledge and self-development, have courage to change for a new way of working or new working systems which will enable the organization to grow and develop without limits, continuously keep on learning and developing oneself in order to have creative working practices or new working systems.

Apart from behaving themselves to set a good example which is in line with the above-mentioned SMOOTH© values, the leaders or staff at the executive level should adhere to a set of leadership values called “L D P”, which will help them guide and lead their teams to the achievement of the organization goals. These additional values are as follows:

Leader of Change

Act as the change agent

Be an envisioned and respected leader whom people have faith in, in order to lead the organization to change.


Confident Have courage to make decisions

On a knowledge, available data, and reason basis, and take stakeholders’ benefits and impacts into consideration in order that the goals are achieved and updated.

People Development

Develop ethical and competent staff

Encourage, develop, and give the personnel the opportunity to have knowledge, capabilities, virtue, and professional-like career path.

In addition, the Company has realized the importance of developing the personnel to become good citizens and participate in developing and helping the society, communities, and the environment (Corporate Social Responsibility) on the basis of the policy on Good Corporate Governance, as a framework to which the executives and the employees adhere.

Moreover, the Company has used the Knowledge Management (KM) as one of strategies, focusing on learning and developing of the personnel to be in time with the expanding of business and to become the Learning Organization (LO). The Knowledge Management Committee, which is comprised of representatives of top executives from departments, works together in carrying out the knowledge management so that it will be developed in the same path and be compatible throughout the organization. For the year 2016, the Company developed the Knowledge Management website by classifying knowledge levels according to a work system, promoting the culture of exchanging knowledge through activities such as the Community of Practices (CoP), arranging the KMOC Day in order to share knowledge gained from CoP, organizing the Book Brief activity in order to encourage learning by means of reading and skill development of professional presentation, and expanding a learning cycle in order to increase competency and develop potential of the personnel at the individual, group, and the Company’s levels.