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Core Value



To have modernized thinking and actions. To have positive thinking to open up the modernization willingly. To ceaseless creativity. To understand changing technologies and human behavior. Be determined to prepare for encountering the coming future. To drive the organization into modernization and staying ahead in business. To create value for customers regularly.


The ability to build trust, credibility, and confidence of both internal and external customers by means of systems and the transparent culture, morality and ethics, honesty, sincerity, promise keeping, and responsibilities. All these make customers feel the Company’s professionalism which can respond to customers properly and exactly as expected. The Company holds to its own conduct with honesty for itself, work, the organization, and stakeholders, as well as holding to the moral conduct and never accept all forms of corruption.


To understand various needs of both internal and external customers, from all target groups and all situations. To be always able to present various alternatives or options as responses to customers through providing goods and services which make them become impressed and feel that we are good colleagues (for internal customers) or their business alliance (for external customers).


To have understanding and have access to both internal and external customers through attention, notice, listening to, learning about customers’ behavior-even its small details-and to be open-minded to accept the customers’ needs which are various and changing. To have customer-centric need management through focusing on a response to each customer with the creation of customer lifetime value as well as focusing on benefits both customers and the organization mutually gain in order to develop and drive the organization to be always number one in customers’ heart.


To build a good relationship with customers and colleagues. To facilitate the customers and the colleagues to have easy access to us or conveniently contact us. To arrange the friendly environment and atmosphere. To have a good attitude and good feelings one another so that this sustainably leads to an impression and a mutual friendship.


The ability to develop forms of working, goods, services, and personnel in the organization to be different from other competitors. This always makes customers recognize and think of our organization prior to others.