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Core Value



To be updated and modern in thinking and actions. To have a positive attitude. To understand technology and changing behavior all the time. To be adaptative. Not to stop improvement. To know competitors’ tricks and to be ready for coping with changes in the future through accumulating knowledge and skills in order to drive the organization to be always modern and make business progress in advance.


To make oneself reliable and trustworthy and to receive customers’ confidence from both inside and outside the organization by the system and the working culture which sticks to transparency, moral principles and ethics, honesty, sincerity, keeping promises, having responsibility for oneself, stakeholders, and the organization, as well as anticorruption in all forms so that customers feel professionalism at work.


To always offer options or alternatives as various answers for customers through the procurement of products and services in order to respond to cover all target groups— both internal customers (colleagues) and external customers (business alliances), and to be able to solve problems according to occurred situations for the customers accurately, rapidly, and to most satisfy the customers.


To understand real needs of both internal and external customers by holding to customer-centric base as the first priority through care, attention to detail, listening, learning of the customers’ changing behavior and needs. Even down to the smallest detail, it has to attach importance to response to each customer exactly by building customer lifetime value as well as attaching importance to benefits which the customers and the organization mutually gain in order to develop and drive the organization to be always number one in the customers’ heart


To build a good relationship with customers and colleagues in a friendly way. To be accessible or get in touch easily, simply, conveniently, rapidly, and accurately. To provide friendly environment and atmosphere in the workplace. To have a good attitude and feeling mutually until impression and sustainable friendship is built.


To have thoughts which are proactive and different from competitors. To be able to develop working types, products, services, and the personnel in the organization creatively, uniquely, and outstandingly until the customers remember and always think of our organization before others.