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The real estate business is operated by Plan Estate Company Limited (“PST”) and its subsidiary, the subsidiaries of MBK. Their primary businesses includes:

  1. Property development for sale business
  2. Property management business
  3. Building and community management business
  4. Asset appraisal and advisory service business


In the previous year, PST had operated significant real estate business, which are as follows: Projects in Phuket are as follows: Sabai Village 1, Sabai Village 2 and The Indy II phase 2 project. These projects target of both Thai and Foreigner customers that desire to live in the city and community area suitable for the middle class income.

Property Development for sale business
Property development for sale business is operated by PST.
PST develops vacant land for sale with focus given to construction of detached houses for residential purpose. They are divided into two types including pre-built houses or built-to-order houses.

Property Management Business
PST Property management business is operated by PST. It is engaged in the business of managing properties as follows:

  1. To look after and maintain the properties under its management, making sure that they are in good conditions and ready for sale.
  2. To service including improvement, renovations of the properties.
  3. Coordination with financial institutions in applying for loans for the buyers of the properties.
  4. To act as a sales agent of financial institutions for their foreclosed properties.

At the present PST have more roles in operating real estate business by giving services in management and managing real estate efficiently both in continuously developing project, property maintenances, marketing and selling to increases the real estate value that are in the Company care. Projects and community that the Company had managed are as follows: Baan Suan Phuttamonthon Sai 1, Baan Suan Cha-am Beach, Glas Haus Building (Sukhumvit), Glas Haus Building – Ratchada and MBK Tower Building.

Building and Community management business
Building and community management business are operated by PST. PST’s services cover management of office buildings for rent. Scopes of services are as follows:

  1. Searching for tenants to rent the available space at market rates.
  2. Upkeep and maintenance of buildings, ensuring that the building and its surroundings are in good conditions and good looking.
  3. Ensuring that the common properties are efficient, with focus given to maintenance of the building’s structural systems which are crucial to all high-rise buildings and to the safety of people and assets.

Apart from managing the office buildings for rent,
PST is engaged in managing private villages or communities as part of an effort to promote sales of its property development projects, which is its main business. The management of the villages or communities is mainly involved with maintenance and administration of the following tasks:

  1. To maintain common properties
  2. To maintain public utilities
  3. To maintain village clubhouses, ensuring that they are in good conditions and good looking
  4. To help organize various recreational activities aimed at promoting good Thai culture and good relationshipamong customers living in the villages and between the customers and PST
  5. To set the plan homecare services team for checking, repairing and servicing about the electricity, the water supply, the filled pipe, the air condition or else

Asset appraisal and advisory service business
The business is operated by Plan Appraisal Company Limited (“PAS”), available in the follows:

  1. Appraising the value of residential properties for projects
  2. Appraising the value of assets in general, such as house, apartment, and hotel
  3. Giving advice on valuation and use of properties, taking into account the legal constraints
  4. Conduct feasibility studies of property development projects
  5. Giving opinions on the management of foreclosed properties for sale

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