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MBKgo.com, operated by MBK Digital Company Limited, is one of the companies under the governance and operation of MBK Public Company Limited. The website offers space for store operators and service providers to participate in voucher sale. The website presents itself as the leisure e-exhibition under “Superior Experience, Who says you can’t buy it?” concept, featuring extensive array of special deals for you to shop and browse all year for 24 hours a day. Promotions for over 1,000 products and services can be divided into three main categories:


The long list of restaurants’ names introduces exciting new menus that are interesting and worth a taste. We carefully pick stylish restaurants with tasty food. No matter how secluded the restaurants are, we compile them all for you here on our website.


The aggregator of hostels, resorts, and hotels from important landmarks nationwide will help you explore new routes. Explore and seek superior experience with us.


The wide array of exciting new activities for you to experience before anybody else, including cooking course, beauty & spa, gym package, shows, children’s activities, and other exclusive activities that we select for your best entertainment.

Furthermore, you can shop these deals with confidence with our safe and comprehensive online payment system. Lastly, customers can now choose to pay for these deals via various channels. The vouchers can be returned within 7 days of the purchase and can be 100% refunded if the particular deal cannot be used, as specified in the conditions.