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Equitable Treatment of Shareholders


The Company places very strong emphasis on the equitable treatment of all the shareholders. As a result, it has included the upholding of the rights of shareholders and the equitable treatment of shareholders in its policies on the Good Corporate Governance, the Company’s performance, voting on appointment or removal of directors as well as dividend payments, proposing additional items to the agenda, and asking questions or giving opinions on various matters which the Board of Directors brings to the attention of the shareholders for information or consideration. Although some shareholders may not be able to attend the meeting, they can appoint other persons or the independent directors who are proposed by the Company to attend the meeting on their behalf by filling in the proxy statement sent by the Company together with other supporting details. To provide the shareholders with convenience, the Company also makes available the proxy statement as well as the related details and procedures on the Company’s website 30 day prior to the meeting, from which the shareholders can download the form and the information. The shareholders can obtain additional information from the Company’s Investor Relations Unit.

All shareholders also have access to the information about the Company through various channels or sources such as its website (http://www.mbkgroup.co.th), annual reports, Form 56-1 or the Investor Relations Unit. In addition the Company has set up the Investor Relations Unit to communicate with investors, shareholders and all stakeholders. The Investor Relations Unit can be contacted by the following contact information: