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Consideration of the Roles of Stakeholders


In conduct its business affairs, the Company has adopted a policy which takes into account the satisfaction of all stakeholders. They can file complaints, make suggestions, or request for information as well as sharing news, leads, and clues or giving information about the Company through its various channels such as web-based Intranet, through its various channels- both internal and external- such as a web board, Internet, telephone calls, written letters, QR Code scanning points for giving opinions and suggestions. The related contact details are as follows:

Contact Center :

Website :

Investor Relations Unit :
  [email protected]

QR Code scanning points for giving opinions and suggestions :

  • A QR Code scanning point for giving opinions and suggestions is placed in the office near the Public Relations Department.
  • A QR Code scanning points for giving opinions and suggestions are placed on all floors of MBK Shopping Center.

The Company looks after various groups of stakeholders whether they are internal stakeholders or external of the Company such as shareholders, customers, trading partners, competitors, creditors, staff at all levels, as well as the society in general and the environment to ensure that the stakeholders will be treated appropriately, equally, and fairly. The Company also fosters the understanding and cooperation with various stakeholder groups. This is also another factor that will support the sustainable and stable growth of the Company.