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Information Disclosure and Transparency


The Board of Directors attaches significance to disclosure of information technology because it has an impact on decision making of investors and stakeholders by having the system to provide financial reports and disclose important information accurately, sufficiently, and according to standard rules and related guidelines by taking concerned information into consideration.

Financial information and non-financial information which the Board of Directors has a clear policy to manage the finance, sources of fund, financial risk management in order to reduce risks affecting performance and financial status of the Company. This builds the confidence for shareholders under the close monitoring of accounting and finance-based top executives by monitoring and assessing the business’ financial status regularly and submitting a report to the Executive Committee every month in order to acknowledge the performance. The consideration and analysis of causes and guidelines to solve the problems are taken. If there is a sign indicating a financial liquidity problem and solvency, it will be reported to the Board of Directors in order to consider for further approval for solving the problem immediately.

For normal operations of the Management Team, back-up plans are made in case that there is probably a financial problem by taking equity for every stakeholder into consideration equally as well as managing the liquidity in order to be ready for repaying debts to creditors immediately under emergency situations in order to be able to repay the debts to creditors, even though confronting a liquidity crisis.

The Company places strong emphasis on disclosure of its information. In this connection, the Company has adopted a policy on equitable disclosure of a policy on equitable disclosure of key information both financial and non-financial, to shareholders and stakeholders in a complete, timely and reliable manner, in both Thai and English, through various channels as follows:

1. Through annual reports and the Company’s website (http://www.mbkgroup.co.th) The disclosed information covers all areas in line with the practice guidelines given by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for directors. The information includes, among others, the following:

  1. Financial statements, and financial statement analysis as well as the report on the responsibility of the Board of Directors towards the financial report together the report of the auditor in the annual report.
  2. Report of the Audit Committee.
  3. Related party transactions.
  4. Policy and report on Corporate Governance.
  5. Composition of the Board of Directors, their profiles showing experiences which are of benefit to the Company’s business performance, as well as the role, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and committees on various specific areas, in addition to details on the meeting attendance of members of each committee.
  6. Policy on remuneration for directors and senior executives, both in cash and other fringe benefits, as well as information about compensation for directors, members of various committees, and senior executives, (Notes: As regards directors and members of various committees, the Company will disclose details about the compensation of each person.).
  7. Shareholdings of directors and senior executives.
  8. Organizational structures of the Company and its subsidiaries.
  9. Vision and Mission.
  10. Internal control and risk management.

2. Website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In full compliance with the requirements imposed by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Company has disclosed all the information and various developments. The information is disclosed to members of the general public through SEC’s website such as Annual Report, Report of 56-1, Financial Statement. This includes, among others, related party transactions and details about company share holdings of the directors.

3. The Company has established an investor relations unit responsible for disclosing information to shareholders, investors, and stock analysts through its website (http://www.mbkgroup.co.th) under the tab entitled Investor Relations. The available information includes the information sent to the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission, information about the Company’s shareholders, analyses, as well as its quarterly investor magazine entitled “MBK TODAY” which contains information such as the Company’s quarterly performance, share price movements, businesses of MBK GROUP’s member companies and the Company’s activities in the past quarter. The information on the website is regularly updated. The objective is to enable investors and interested members of the general public to have efficient and equitable access to the information.

However, in 2020, the Company disclosed information as required to the Stock Exchange of Thailand completely, accurately, and stipulated by principles of the disclosure of such information.

The Company respects the rights and treats shareholders, investors, and security analysts with fairness. The Company is also ready to listen to opinions and questions as well as gain a mutual understanding with stakeholders in order that the shareholders, investors, and security analysts gain the confidence that the Company operates in accordance with the regulations and transparent and fair information disclosure.

In 2020, the Company took care of the shareholders, investors, and security analysts as follows:

  1. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 1 time
  2. The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2020 1 times
  3. The disclosure of every quarterly turnover on the Company’s website 4 times
  4. To provide a quarterly magazine for investors called MBK Today 4 times
  5. To meet and talk with investors and security analysts 2 times
  6. To answer questions sent through telephone call and email channels

Investor Relations Unit realizes the importance of the disclosure of significant information in order that the shareholders, investors, and security analysts have sufficient data for the analysis and confidence that the Company’s disclosure of its performance conforms to rules and regulations and this disclosure of information is transparent and fair.